Each Academic team is comprised of 3 students. They are given 3 hours to analyze a business case and create a recommendation and implementation plan.

Afterwards, they are given 20 minutes to present their plan to a panel of industry judges, followed by a 5 minute Q&A period.

There are 10 core categories in Academics. They are Accounting, Business Strategy, Business Technology, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, International Business, Marketing, Not-For-Profit & Operations Management.



Each Athletics team is comprised of 8 male and female students. Two sports are played in a round-robin format spread over two days of intense competition. Unlike other JDC West competition components, the sports played change each year. The sports that were played at JDC West 2019 were D-Hoops and Tsegball.

2020 sports are still TBD.



Each Debate team is comprised of 4 students. Each team receives 30 minutes to review proposals centred on topics relevant to current events in Canada’s business and political spheres before presenting their stance. The structure follows a Parliamentary-style debate, where one team is Team Government and the other is Team Opposition.



Each Social team is comprised of 4 male and female students. Teams bring together the most ambitious, spirited JDC West competitors in a unique multi-faceted and strategic event that promotes personal and team growth, through tests of perseverance and adaptability. Unlike other components, every Social challenge is kept secret until the competition. Challenges have previously included athletic, spirit, and food competitions.